Learning English is fun! Students from Primary 1 to 6 take part in many exciting activities and here are some of the highlights.

In our ‘Space Town’ literacy programme, teachers will allow students to make their very own cars out of recyclable materials. The Primary 4- and 5-year groups will each complete two literacy across curriculum projects based on the beautiful environment that we are surrounded in this year. Students in Primary 4 will design their very own creative storybook and postcard. Primary 5 students will create their own recipe and storybook.

Our school will hold the English Day this year! The English teachers will prepare around 20 different English game booths for the students to play at. Students will practice using English through the wide variety of games.

P1 students enjoying the yummy cakes they made with our NET, Mr. Keeping.

School-wide Language Campaign

Speech Festival

The Sunday Smile

English Ambassadors

Video sharing

English Story Corner

English Assembly

Rugby English Active Learning

Story Monster

English Outing

English Fun Day

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A glimpse of Ling Ying English Department

Mr. Keeping, our NET, teaching some students how to make their own car using recyclable materials.

P1 making the chocolate cake.

Primary 4 students producing their fact file about four different plants and flowers found in our school.

A group of Primary 6 students very engaged in their research at the Hong Kong Museum of History.

Smile for the camera! A lovely photo to capture and conclude a great interview.

Student had so much fun playing the English games!

Three P5 students participated in the Inter-School Spelling Competition held by Fung Kai No.1 Secondary School.

One group of Primary 3 students very satisfied with their completed DIY car!

Time to celebrate and have a good taste of the cake!

Primary 5 students working together in their reading to writing project.

A group of 6 students happily interviewing a tourist about her thoughts on Hong Kong.

(English Day)

Look at their hand painting! Heart-felt thanks to our talented parent volunteers!

Big congrats to Angel Wu for winning the second place at the 68th Hong Kong Speech Festival.

Buddies from Canadian International School

Which herb is it?

Ling Ying Weather Forecast

Shared Reading

What letter sound can you hear?

We’ve found ‘BLUE’!

Playing board games

What are the colours of the rainbow?

Ling Ying and CDNIS are strengthening their teamwork through games.

Waving the colours of a rainbow!

We made a paper dog!

We always cooperate.

Let’s colour our rainbow.