Our Curriculum Aims

  • To enhance pupils’ language proficiency.
  • To develop their interest and confidence in using English.
  • To broaden their knowledge, understanding and experience of English-speaking cultures.
  • Develop and prepare themselves for further study, vocational training or work.
  • To develop learning how to learn skills and positive values and attitudes.

Objectives of the year (2017-2018)

  1. To enhance horizontal coherence and vertical progression in curriculum development
  2. To facilitate students to conduct self-directed learning
  3. To enhance students’ higher order thinking skills
  4. To nurture and empower a professional and supportive team culture
  5. To empower students to pursue excellence through an array of meaningful and effective activities


Greetings to you from the English Department. The 2016-17 school year has again flown by and the students have enjoyed a wonderful year full of new experiences. The NET Scheme’s ‘Space Town’ literacy programme has been taught for its first full year and we are already seeing the progress made by the students. The English Room is now fully up and running and the students love the space and language-rich environment for their English lessons. In addition, the students are offered a continuing assortment of activities aimed at developing their language skills. These activities include, school exchanges, excursions and in-school competitions. This summer some of our students will also have the wonderful opportunity to practice their English when they visit Canada on a three-week summer camp. What a trip of a lifetime!

There are lots of fabulous things happening here. We would love to see you at our school. A warm welcome awaits you.

P1 students enjoying the beautiful gardens with our NET, Mr. Keeping.

Big congrats to Angel Wu for winning the second place at the 68th Hong Kong Speech Festival.

Buddies from Canadian International School

Which herb is it?

Ling Ying Weather Forecast

Shared Reading

What letter sound can you hear?

We’ve found ‘BLUE’!

Playing board games

What are the colours of the rainbow?

Ling Ying and CDNIS are strengthening their teamwork through games.

Waving the colours of a rainbow!

We made a paper dog!

We always cooperate.

Let’s colour our rainbow.

Game Tour

Spelling Bee

English Ambassadors

Hello! What’s your name?

Show me!

We’ve found the word too!

Shared Reading

P2 Spelling Bee Competition

A ‘Show and Tell’ session

We made yummy chocolate cakes in the English room!

Interviewing our guests

School-wide Language Campaign

To provide more opportunities for students to use English, we organize an array of English activities throughout the year, e.g.:

  • Campus Radio Programme
  • English Game Tour
  • English morning assembly
  • Spelling Bee Competition
  • Dictionary Skill Competition
  • English Ambassadors
  • Inter-school exchanges

Campus Radio Programme

The programmes are broadcast during lunch. Songs, stories and jokes are shared along with interviews with our teachers.

English Game Tour

Our P1-P3 students have lots of fun playing English games during recess with our English Ambassadors.

Game tours for P.1 students

English morning assembly

Students can enjoy stories, readers’ theatres, songs and other interesting things which are shared by our English teachers and ambassadors.

There will be a few rain patches…

It will be hot and sunny this weekend.

That’s the end of the forecast for this week.

Spelling Bee Competition

This is one of our annual events. Students all have great fun ‘buzzing’ the correct spelling of the selected words.

I know how to spell the word!

Let me think…

Dictionary Skill Competition

This is another regular competition at Ling Ying. You would be amazed to see how quickly our students can flip through pages of a dictionary!

English Ambassadors

Our English Ambassadors are the teachers’ great helpers. They have been trained to assist in showing our guests around the school campus, holding morning assemblies, game tours and other English activities.

2016-2017 English Ambassadors

Inter-school exchanges

In Dec 2015, our P5 and P6 students spent a day at the Canadian International School. They had lessons with new friends from different countries there. In May 2016, our students’ buddies from CIS visited us at Ling Ying. Together, they played games and wrote acrostic poems. It has been a great reunion indeed!

Baptist (Sha Tin Wai ) Lui Ming Choi Primary School Visit

Learning the names of colours

Rehearsing for a fashion show

Spinning the Wheel of Colours

Our P1 fashion show models

What is orange in colour?

Visit to Canadian International School

Meeting our friends at CIS

What a great creation!

Enjoying a performance

Helping my buddy with his Chinese writing

Something interesting is going on!

Rain and her buddy

Learning from our friends at CIS

Creating a photo frame for good memories

Visit by Canadian International School

A warm reunion with our friends from CIS

I think we should add another

It’s my turn.

Creating a poem together

Proof-reading our poems

I win!

Creating a poem together

What a funny poem we have

Visits by EDB officers




Mr Yeung Yun Hung, Kevin, JP, Under Secretary for Education observed our English lessons. Our students’ performance was highly praised.

Dr. Catherine K.K.Chan, Deputy Secretary for Education, Mrs Rosana Chong, Chief Curriculum Development Officer (English), Ms Annie Kong, Assistant Secretary of Language Education and SCOLAR and Mrs Linda Lee, Senior Project Co-ordinator (Funding Scheme) visited our school. They were impressed by the positive thinking culture and the development of English curriculum in our school. There were many positive comments regarding our teachers’ effort and students’ English academic performance.

Deliver a sharing in EDB’s workshop

Our school was invited to deliver a sharing on Mar 20 which focused on our school’s beliefs and strategies in the development and implementation of our school-based English language curriculum. The feedbacks and comments were very encouraging.

Lesson demonstration for other schools